Community Centers – A Popular Choice For Affordable Family Fun

These days, it seems like everyone is looking for a bargain. With the economy in shambles and unemployment reaching levels that haven’t been seen for awhile, it’s tough to justify any new expenses. That’s why a place like a community center can be such a lifesaver for the average family. Many community centers have things like arts and crafts classes where children can play and learn things in a safe and fun environment. Sure, they may need to pick up some expenses like buying their own American art clay to bring to the class, but that may be a small price to pay for what you are getting. In addition to the class itself is the interaction the child and parent get with others in their community. This interaction is invaluable, and many items can lead to friendships that would never have been cultivated otherwise.

Community centers are public buildings that are used as a gathering place for events, activities, public information, and other purposes. They may be used to hold meetings for parent groups and civic groups, or they may have athletic facilities for youth and adult sports leagues. But what many parents think about when they think of a community center is the programs they usually offer for youth. These programs can take the shape of reading programs, art programs where kids learn to paint or use pottery glazes, or physical education programs that encourage kids to get off the couch and be active. While these programs are all educational, perhaps the best thing about them is they don’t necessarily seem educational to the children. Since they are fun the children don’t even realize that they are learning valuable skills they can use in other situations.

Regardless of what you do at a community center, however, it’s a great thing to simply be involved with others in your community. Many times it’s hard to really feel like you’re integrated into your city or town. By involving yourself in the various programs and activities offered at your local community center, you feel a kinship with those around you. It’s like you have a stake in your neighborhood, like you have roots. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking an art class and are learning about clay bodies or if you attended the most recent school board meeting. The important thing is you got involved and made your community a more vibrant place to live.

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Choosing Commercial Fitness Equipment for a School Or Community Center

Choosing the right fitness equipment is essential when starting any type of fitness center or gym. Whether you are designing an exercise place for a school, hotel, or community center, you want to make sure you are meeting the fitness needs of your clientele, while considering their comfort and safety. You also want to make decisions that serve your space requirements and financial plan.

Which kind of equipment?

Before deciding how many treadmills or weight machines you need, you need to understand that you are in the market for commercial fitness equipment. Home gyms and residential equipment will not hold up to the demands of several users day after day. The idea of, “you get what you pay for” is absolutely true for exercise equipment. Commercial fitness equipment is higher quality and will stand the test of time for your facility. Also, pay attention to weight specifications on the equipment you are purchasing. If the equipment will be used by heavy or obese people, choose equipment specifically designed for this population.

What type of equipment?

Many of your clients will want to do both cardio and strength training exercises when coming to your facility to workout. You will want a variety of both available. Depending on the size of your facility, you will have to determine how many machines you can comfortably fit in your space.

Commercial fitness cardio machines come in different forms. They may be the more popular machines in your facility, so having several available is a good idea. The most common cardio machines are treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, stair steppers or climbers, recumbent bikes, and upright stationary bikes. If space allows, you may also consider rowing machines and boxing or martial arts equipment, such as punching bags.

Cardio machines should allow your clients to monitor their heart rate and duration of their exercise. This will help keep them safe so they do not raise their heart rate to dangerous levels. Other features on cardio machines may include pre-programmed workouts and number of calories burned.

Commercial fitness strength training machines are important as well. You will want to allow your clients to work most every muscle group with the machines you offer. Weight lifters will want to use a leg press, leg curl machine, lat pull down machine, bicep curl machine, pectoral machine, chest press, and an abdominal machine at the least. If space is an issue, machines that combine multiple exercises into a single piece of equipment can be considered. Just remember to ensure that the equipment is commercial grade and not an inexpensive residential or home gym.

For better safety, you can choose pre-stacked weight machines. These are machines that allow users to choose their preferred weight by adjusting a knob, dial, or pin on the machine instead of loading the machine with individual weights on their own. Free weights, dumbbells, and benches will also provide your users a variety of weight training options. Flat benches and incline benches are both desirable. Free weights should come in several different pound options to serve the needs of beginners through advanced weight lifters, bodybuilders, or athletes.

Your commercial fitness center should provide users a place for a safe and effective workout. Offering a variety of cardio and strength training machines will allow them to meet all of their fitness goals.

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Oaxaca Lending Library and Community Center Offers Impressive Charitable Programs, Spanish Classes

The Oaxaca Lending Library (OLL) has been in existence for over 40 years, and is one of the largest English language libraries in all of Mexico. Over the past decade it’s grown into a vibrant community center, in large part due to the dedication of its many volunteers.

The library supports and sponsors various charitable outreach programs, and as such is a valuable resource which benefits the broader Oaxacan population. Donations it receives from American taxpayers are deductible through a U.S. Foundation (Canadians can give it a try, but be prepared for CRA to reject the write-off, since to my knowledge a Canadian foundation has not yet been formed). The OLL also facilitates the learning of English and Spanish for respectively Oaxacans and expatriates (mainly Americans and Canadians), with special emphasis on children and youths.

Charity Work & Outreach of Oaxaca’s English Language Library

The main, ongoing charitable project of the OLL is its support of the Libros Para Pueblos program. The goal of Libros Para Pueblos is to create Spanish language libraries in neighborhoods, villages and towns where none exist, and to stock and replenish the supply of books and related educational tools. The object is to improve the level of learning of those who would otherwise not have the ability or resources to enhance their literacy. The program has created over 30 libraries.

Kids Go! is a pre-school program which teaches underprivileged children basic socialization and learning skills prior to their entry into public school. The program currently has about 60 participants.

Youth Adelante addresses learning of Oaxacan teens by assisting them with their Spanish, library and computer skills, through supporting their socialization with visiting foreign students.

Linda’s Kitchen teaches mentally and physically handicapped young people to function productively in various types of restaurant work. After completing the program the graduate youths are assisted by the Kitchen personnel and others associated with the OLL, to find paid employment in Oaxaca’s working world.

Raising Resources

Aside from outright donations to fund the foregoing programs, there are other ways that the OLL receives resources. Both native Oaxacans and expatriates are encouraged to donate excess books, computer equipment which they are no longer using, and items of clothing, furniture and even foodstuffs.

[I have my own program independent of the library, wherein I encourage visitors to Oaxaca to fill the empty suitcase they’ll be bringing down (earmarked for craft, clothing and rug purchases) with new or gently used clothing, toys and educational tools. I pick up the bounty from hotels and B & Bs upon receiving a call or email, and then distribute directly to families I know to be in need, or to the administration of rural schools, which often has a better handle on identifying the families of students clearly living on the edge.]

With the support of Oaxacan restaurateurs and other benefactors, charity dinners are held on a regular basis. There’s also an annual rummage and bake sale, the occasional fine art auction which is generously supported through donations of works by Oaxacan artists, and additional ongoing efforts aimed at fundraising.

And of course there are periodic book and DVD sales on the premises. Occasionally it’s necessary to cull the collections, especially after a large, new donation has been made. There are always books and DVDs for sale, but the best time to find real bargains is when sales first begin.

Social Programs and Language Learning at the Oaxaca Lending Library

The Library is a hub of activity for its members and visitors, six days a week. Expatriate residents, part-timers and snowbirds, those traveling through Oaxaca, and tourists, are all welcome to participate in all social programs. Activities include: lecture series on a regular basis, a bridge club, gatherings of musicians anxious to jam, monthly garden club meetings including field trips throughout the central valleys and further abroad. And of course every day there are informal chats over coffee, pastries and bagels, whenever passersby yearn for familiarity of language and culture, or have questions about anything to do with Oaxaca or Latin American travel.

A monthly newsletter keeps members and visitors up to date. At the library premises there’s a bulletin board with postings for personal and professional services, as well as other announcements and news; a binder with accommodations wanted and being offered and homes / land for sale; and other helpful resources.

On Saturday mornings, Spanish and English speakers, children and adults alike, gather at the Oaxaca Lending Library to assist one another to better their language skills, on a semi-formal basis. There are opportunities to arrange for ongoing intercambios, whereby on a fixed schedule hour-long sessions can take place to assist Oaxacans to better their English, and Americans and Canadians to improve their Spanish. These informal discussions often supplement more formal language training.

Become a Member of the Oaxaca Lending Library

The OLL offers modestly priced annual memberships, as well as a short – term program which enables snowbirds and avid readers on a short vacation to Oaxaca, to avail themselves of the library’s vast selection. And by joining, part – timers can become permanent members on the OLL mailing list, enabling them to keep abreast of activities and events pending their next visit to Oaxaca. And for those who winter at the beach resorts on Oaxaca’s Pacific coast, such as Huatulco and Puerto Escondido, it would certainly be worth a call or email to the OLL to inquire about making arrangements to have a rotating selection of books available to read while soaking up the sun.

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Public Relations for Community Centers

The local town community center is a place that the local citizens can gather and community groups can hold functions and this unites the entire town. Most community centers get the word out of the facilities availability and functions, but not all. In fact sometimes local banks with extra banquet rooms have more publicity about those facilities than an actual community center, which is much larger and has been there for decades.

Community Centers are well advised to promote themselves and have local community goodwill public relations programs in order to alert everyone of what they have to offer. What types of things can community centers do to insure that they are one with the communities they service? Well they can allow civic events to take place that are free for all to come and even help promote them and arrange for special discounts on fees for the organizations hosting them.

There are lots of things that community centers can do to help promote them selves and it all starts with keeping and open mind and keeping open communication lines with all the various media outlets in the area as well. Perhaps if you run or manage a community center in your area, you might consider this in 2006.

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Reasons to Join a Tennis Community Center

The tennis community centers will have skilled trainers and assisted coaching for those enrolled to these communities. The coaches are also equipped with all the latest equipment that is needed for a health check examination or for testing other vital endurance needs.

Make acquaintances with new people: These tennis coaching centers are filled with many people who have similar passions, hobbies, exercise schedules, etc. and above all it provides everyone a chance to make new friends. Not only are there new players each day, but the tennis community also organizes events that help connect everyone and allows everyone to mingle. This will allow you to meet tennis partners and better your tennis performance.

No chance of getting bored: One of the biggest fears that a person has when he has free time is that he will be terribly bored as there’ll be nothing to do. Change all that with the help of a tennis community center. These training centers frequently make arrangements for a number of activities like golf, tennis, jogging tracks, community halls, etc to keep people of all ages occupied as well as entertained. Most tennis lesson centers also host annual tournaments to boost the spirits of members as well as give a new ground to them for doing something with purpose and a chance to win the event.

Relax: This is the best part of the community center. Exercise is meant to be enjoyed and since the members slog so hard they deserve every possible relaxing amenity including a temperature-regulated pool and rejuvenating spa once their tennis lesson ends. To add to the comfort level of those practicing, they can take off for a vacation any time they like. No worrying about finding a new tennis coach when you get back. There’s a lot to learn at your tennis community center. You can learn as a beginner and even benefit if you’re an advanced player because there are varied levels of tennis coaching.

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Future of Solar Power

The idea is solar power. A great concept in solar energy. The idea is to think about three concepts in sun power. The off-grid, on grid, or hybrid solar. The sun cell and solar panel harnesses the energy of the sun to create sun energy. Let’s talk about all three concepts today.

Solar is the use of technology which harnesses the sun’s light to create energy. Most commonly solar can be utilized as an energy and heating source for homes, business, boats and even automobiles. The panel is the building block for harnessing and creating energy.

The first type of grid is on-grid or grid tied solar. The on-grid system relies on sharing of power with the on-grid electrical system. Power sharing allows for efficient transition from the electric, the nuclear power plants to solar. The on-grid system could be a first step to a transition to sustainable go green, environmental friendly power.

The second type of power is off-grid solar is a completely off the grid, independent power source which utilizes the cell and solar panel to create solar energy for power and heat. The off-grid solar concept will flourish by 2050.

The third type of energy is hybrid solar. Hybrid solar combines concepts from both off-grid and on-grid solar to create power and is a concept for further academic thought and research.

Imagine a world with no fumes, gases, emissions, poisoning, nuclear reactors, electrical static or burns, electrical poles, and sun power is present in that world.

The future of solar is really the go green off-grid concept. This go green concept will replace gas power, electrical poles and nuclear power plants and is the future of energy power. The solar concept is a clean, environmental friendly energy choice.

Disadvantages of this include the transition from nuclear power plants will be initially difficult, but more cost-effective in the future. Also, some research indicates that solar energy does not have the same energy capacity or heating capacity as other energy sources.

Overall, this is a concept for further research and development. Green energy is a clean, sustainable power source for the future of energy. This is to flourish by 2050 and is a concept worth exploring. The future of solar depends on each and every one of us to consider and them implement this energy source from the concept to practice. The future is about to all of us to decide.

This speech boasts the future of solar power and solar energy. Learn more about Solar power by reading this great article and considering solar as a go green energy source for the future.

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Studies Show That We Absorb Energy From Other People

Many times we say or hear people say, “he/she absorbed me energy,” or “I’m tired of that person” and we say as a mere metaphor, but in fact this is successful, scientific studies show that at all times the human being is affected by the energies flowing in their environment. Thanks to the studies of the therapist and medical Olivia Lee Bader made of algae could reach this statement. She ensures that experienced with marine plants is applied equally in humans.

On the other hand, Bielefield University in Germany, checks in their studies that plants have the ability to absorb energy from other plants of their environment. Looked at from the standpoint of bioenergy the same principles apply in all living things, or is that just as plants, humans would be also affected elements at stake. In other words, one could well say that everything that interacts with the environment is loaded with a certain amount of energy and that charge can be transferred from one living thing to another.

In summary:

We transmit energy to each other. It’s just physics. When two bodies interact living, occurs continuously mutual exchange of energy, this energy exchange flow is higher depending on how long is the period of time when people are in contact.

When a person has power of good quality, you feel that all is well. If you are happy, thoughts are clearer, it is with more enthusiasm, motivation and creativity. Everything flows better, and being in this state, one gets the best you have.

When a person has low quality energy, the mind is clouded, you feel lost, hopeless, full of fears, with pessimism and it seems that everything went wrong. Being in this state, one shows the bad things he has. The worst version that you have to offer.

Usually when two people talk or interact it is very difficult for both are on the same level of energy, not to say that it is almost impossible. There is always one who has the power of better quality than the other. When two people interact, it is more usual to pass one of these 2 things:

1. is wrong lowers your level that is fine.

2. is right up your level that is wrong.

In this way the energy flows are balanced and that was wrong becomes better and it was fine start to feel less energy and does not understand why.


If you feel you have absorbed energy, ie if you start to feel tired or heavy the situation, you have an option to get away as you can and / or be aware that the problem you have it but it has the other. If you identify that the question is not yours, you decide not feel it. And if you do not feel, you do not suffer.

Seems science fiction or a simple paranormal story, however, science has shown that humans are constantly affected by the energies of the environment. This conclusion was reached by a study on algae, made by the therapist and doctor Olivia Lee Bader. She points out that what happened to the marine plants can also be applied to humans.

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Large Scale Solar Can Compete On Price Per Energy Unit Now

We are told by Nobel Prize Winners, Former Vice Presidents, and top scientists that Large Scale Solar can compete dollar for dollar with fossil fuels, coal and natural gas. But if this is the case how come even government funded projects cannot compete today, as they keep filing bankruptcy? Well, there are lots of reasons really, but let’s stop and analyze these issues shall we?

You see, “large scale” solar is not good enough because the cost to install, the cost to build transmission lines to the middle of nowhere where land is cheap enough to put in a square mile of panels, the cost to rehabilitate the traumatized Desert Turtles, and displaced ravens. It’s not cheap if you add all that in + it is unreliable without some sort of energy storage system, which you’d have to build, and if you don’t then you have to have your fossil fuel back-up anyway, when fossil fuel using it full time at capacity is far less expensive, if you have hydro-back-up well, that doesn’t work during drought years, and we saw what happens with rolling black outs when you try to rely on such clean energy.

The costs for the users are up everywhere now, especially in CA due to all these mandates for 15-20-25-30% of the energy to be generated from alternative energy – me making that up – no, but I do have to pay the bill like all Americans, hey it hurts the poor worse, but you don’t really care about them, right?

Indeed, I am not sure why academics one day decided to lob transportation fuels in with their electrical generation equations for total energy usage. I think those need to be separated even if someday they may be closer to being one, with let’s say electrified cars. If you want to talk about transportation, let’s do that – electric cars are such a drop in the bucket its silly to talk about them yet as anything meaningful.

Next if we want to talk about electric energy generation, fossil fuels (Coal, Natural Gas) are what we are using here in the US, and natural gas is very cheap, and the infrastructure required for solar or wind is costly and that ROI needs to be realized, meanwhile they are unreliable (Stand Alone) without even more infrastructure to support them. Further, wind towers are made of steel, coking coal is burned to produce creating lots of CO2 and heavy soot, where is the savings in carbon emissions – yah 15-years later? Too costly, hypocritical arguments cannot justify.

I say fund research for alternative energy, but let’s not tax the other or give away monies or taxpayer guaranteed loans to build to scale, that’s for the market place not government, as government is so inefficient it cannot get anything right with its blob of bureaucracy stifling meaningful innovation or evolution of process. It only knows how to get bigger and less-efficient as it grows. Please consider this.

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